Top 5 Reasons to hire a Dog Walker

Top 5 Reasons to hire a Dog Walker

If you are like most loving dog owners, you feel a tremendous amount of guilt leaving your best pal home alone for long periods of time.

But, let’s face it.  Even though you love your dog as much as anything in the world, you still have a handful of other responsibilities that you need to take care of.  Whether we are working long hours to get that raise or promotion, studying for a college degree, or even if we need to drop the kids off at soccer practice, we all have other obligations that limit the amount of time we get to spend with our dog.

So what is the best solution?  How can you devote a significant amount of time into your career and personal life, but also make sure your dog is getting the fulfillment it needs everyday?

The answer is simple. Hire a dog walker.  Here’s why:

#1 Exercise:

Exercise is the most obvious of the five reasons, but the most important as well.


Just like humans, exercise is an essential need for all dogs, regardless of the type of dog or the age of the dog.  The American Veterinary association estimates that 20-40% of all dogs are overweight, and in many cases they are clinically obese.

As we are aware, obesity in dogs is associated with certain medical problems.  Some of these problems include:

  • Arthritic changes in overly burdened joints

  • Increased risk of torn ligaments

  • Cardiac problems

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Whelping problems

  • Possible increase in risk for some cancers


If you want to have a healthy dog, your dog needs exercise, simple as that.  Some dogs need more than others, but on average a dog needs between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise each day.  If your dog isn’t receiving the proper amount of exercise it needs,  it is at major risk to develop serious medical issues.

#2 Dogs will avoid health issues associated with holding in urine:

As you may know, it is unhealthy to hold in urine for prolonged periods of time. Holding in urine can cause toxins to back up, weaken the bladder muscles, and cause a handful of other side effects.

Well, the same is true for dogs!  Many people will tell you that some dogs can hold in their urine for up to 8 hours at a time.  Well although this may be true, it doesn’t mean that it is healthy for your dog.  More often than not, dogs will hold their urine in because positive reinforcement training actually works! Dogs strive to please their owner.

Saying that, having your dog ‘hold it in’ for long periods can lead to the development of bacteria in the accumulated urine. This can cause urinary tract infections or in worse cases it can cause a kidney or bladder infection. After a long period of time has passed, bladder stones can start to form.

When dogs spend weeks, months and years routinely holding in their urine for long periods of time, this may even lead to incontinence.

#3 Human Interaction:

All dogs have needs, just like humans do.  We all know the basic needs:  Food, water, shelter. But there is one other basic need that is just as important.  What is it?

Human Interaction.

As many dog owners know, when a dog receives the proper amount of human interaction, the dog become a more well-rounded, socialized dog.

Why is this?

Scientist at the University of Veterinary Medicine have done a handful of studies examining the relationships of dogs and humans.  And here is what they concluded:

“Dog owners assume the role of the dogs’ main social partner and the relationship turns out to be highly similar to the deep connection between young children and their parents.”

However, as we know owning a dog isn’t always easy, and sometimes we get carried away with other responsibilities we have to deal with in life.  But just because we might not be able to spend all the time with our dog that it needs throughout the day, doesn’t mean someone else can’t be there when you aren’t.

#4 Emotional Stimulation

Not only does exercising on a consistent basis improve your dogs physical health, but it improves their mental health as well!

When dogs receive the proper amount of exercise and human interaction, one of the main benefits is calmness and reduced anxiety.  Dogs are physical beings, and they need to move and do things to release all the energy it has built up.  In the wild, dogs release this energy by hunting prey, and interacting with their wild surroundings.  However, domestic dogs struggle to release this energy when they are not active enough.

Additionally, walking your dog is not only fun for your dog, but it can also be educational as well.  This time spent with your dog can be used to reinforce commands like sit and stay, as well as learning new tricks and games – all of which keeps your dogs mind working.

#5  You will benefit!

Not only will your dog benefit from having a professional dog walker, but YOU will as well!

People are busy.  Everyone has their own responsibilities and commitments, and frequently dog owners are stressed because they feel guilty their dog may be at home alone or they might feel as if they are neglecting their dog.

Hiring a professional dog walker, does not mean that you don’t love your dog because you are spending your time elsewhere.  Hiring a professional dog walker shows that you actually DO love and care about your dog, because you know how important it is for your dog to be getting the proper amount of exercise and human interaction that it needs on a daily basis.

Here at Dog Gon’ Good Time, we know you love your dog, and we want to help you ensure that your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise and interaction that it needs.  To learn more about us and our dog walking services, click here.

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  1. Sariah Meagle

    Working for three part-time jobs is hard, so knowing that a dog walking service can assure me that my dog will get exercise as you mentioned convinces me to hire one while I work. I do agree that having someone walk the dog will give them the emotional stimulation as you pointed out that he will need to prevent boredom as he waits for me. Knowing that a regular walk will help my dog avoid health issues associated with holding urine as you stated will help me prevent medical bills from piling up so I’ll definitely consider hiring one next week.


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