Winter dog walking safety and tips!

Winter dog walking safety and tips!

Ah, New England… Where it’s sunny and 65 degrees one day and 10 degrees the next… It proves challenging for all of us who lead active and outdoorsy lives, including our four legged friends! Here are a few ways to stay safe while spending time outside walking or participating in activities:

1. Get that young puppy or small pup into a pair of doggy booties! This helps protect their feet from the elements and salt – which is even more of a concern for their soft and vulnerable feet.

2. If your dog gets cold quickly, has short fur or is on the leaner side – put a dog blanket or jacket on them.

For the more posh or stylish pooch:

For the more rugged pups:

3. We highly recommend wax for the bottom of their feet, just quickly apply some to the pads and you’re good to go! It helps protect them from ice and salt damage that could lead to serious injuries – ouch…

When it is too cold outside for you, please keep your dog inside or take them out briefly for a pee break. Frostbite is a real thing and they are prone to it! Check for these signs:

A. Whining

B. Lifting paw/s up

C. Not walking

D. Shivering

E. Bleeding paws

Let’s keep our pets safe this winter season!



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