Safe Travels With Your Pets:

Planes! Trains! Automobiles!

Traveling alone can be stressful, but the addition of your furry friend to the occasion can bring additional concerns. There’s so much to do in preparation for safe and pleasant travels, especially when it comes to our beloved companions!


#1 Health.

Prior to planning a trip, you should make sure you make an appointment to have your pet checked out. Many states require proof of vaccinations including Rabies, so be sure to have that paperwork all set before you go. This isn’t just necessary for your animal, but other animals that they may come in contact with! Air travel can be particularly extremely dangerous for animals with “pushed in” faces (the medical term is “brachycephalic”). These animals are more prone to heat stroke and air deprivation.

#2 Supplies

When it comes to the care of our pets, it’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared! Be sure to pack their food, a bowl, the proper supplies for water, a bed/blanket, a leash, poop bags, a first aid kid and any medical documentations you may have. If your dog has any special needs, pack those as well.

#The Proper Crate

The number one investment in travelling with your pets should be the proper crate. Make sure the crate is well ventilated and the right size to ensure a comfortable trip in the car, plane, train, etc! Be sure to line the crate with something relatively soft and absorbent in the event your pooch has an accident. If you plan on flying, attach a pouch of snacks in case your pet gets hungry and wants a little something during layover.

If you plan on driving, NEVER leave your pet alone in the car.

Safe travels everyone!

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