2018 New Years Resolution! (For Pets)

2018 New Years Resolution! (For Pets)

2017 is coming to an end and it’s time to ring in the New Year! With 2018 approaching, so is the “new year, new me” mentality and that doesn’t just go for us humans; it goes for our pets, too! There are many different ways to improve your dogs well being, whether it be physical, mental, etc…

First and foremost is their physical health. This year, do your best to skip the table scraps. If your’e looking to keep the pounds off your pooch, leave the people food to… well… the people! Does your dog get enough exercise during the day? Most active dogs require 45/60 minutes of exercise per day. Here’s a great chart to refer to, to understand a healthy weight in your canine:

Dental hygiene is essential to all of us, including our animals. Daily brushing should become part of the daily routine for your dog. If that’s not possible, aim to brush at least a few times a week and try dental chews.

Second is their mental health – is your dog being stimulated the way he/she should be? Do you play “brain games” with your pooch? If not, you definitely should incorporate these easy games into your dogs life!

1. Find it – use high quality treats or a toy they really enjoy, allow them to get a quick sniff and hide it in various spots of the house. You can use “find it” to ask them to search. When they find it, praise or give a treat!

2. Tug – tug is excellent for mental stimulation and physical exercise, as well. Remember, only play tug in 30 second intervals or so until you drop the toy!

3. Interactive toys – these will keep your dog occupied for awhile. Here are a couple we recommend:

Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

Rocking Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Part of their mental health includes socialization. Make it a point to bring your dog new places where they can experience new scents, new people and new friends! Spend some quality time with your furry friend while keeping them engaged and stimulated. This leads to a tired dog… a happy dog. Even with winter weather approaching, be sure to check out local indoor activities for your pet or take them on a little trip!

If you are in need of help with getting your dog out to exercise or interact with others, contact Dog Gon’ Good Time! We are always happy to help you reach our New Years Resolutions.

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2018 New Years Resolution! (For Pets)


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