Dog walking app security breach.

Dog walking app security breach.

Last week, I was watching my Facebook feed and noticed that there had been a security breach with a dog walking APP. Supposedly, the app had accidentally exposed Client’s personal information – lock box codes and even addresses… YIKES! It was noted that by the time the incident had been acknowledged, over 100 clients information could have been leaked. While security breaches can and do happen, we understand and take extra precaution when it comes to your personal information and property. We believe in doing things the “old fashioned” way when it comes to entering and exiting your home – this means we keep your keys inside locked away in a lock box when they aren’t being used. Our current software system Time To Pet uses the same 128 bit level encryption that your bank uses. We believe safety always comes first and we have done our research before choosing the perfect APP!

We have provided a few links in regards to the breach with WAG…

Wag Labs In Doghouse Over Data Breach

Dog Gon’ Good Time is committed to keeping your pet, your house and your personal belongings protected. Check us out to learn more!



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