I am bringing home a new puppy! What do I need?

I am bringing home a new puppy! What do I need?

Congratulations on your new fur – bundle – of joy! This is a very exciting and stressful time for owners and puppy. Puppies are a huge responsibility and much like human infants, have many different needs… They will need the following to get a good head start:

1. A crate –

Your puppy will need somewhere safe to go when you’re not able to be around him/her and to provide a “safe haven” to retreat to whenever he’d like! The crate should be just big enough for your puppy to stand up and comfortably move around so they don’t go to the bathroom (helpful tip: puppies won’t lay in a soiled area). We recommend a larger crate based on your puppy’s anticipated size and getting a divider to be able to comfortably “grow” with his crate! Your puppy’s crate should have a durable crate pad to sleep on and a couple of toys to keep him occupied and to mouth for when he still has those pinchy baby teeth. Water and food should be given before being crated as to avoid possible accidents and messes.

Recommended durable crate beds – https://k9ballistics.com/index.php/chew-proof-k9-tuff-dog-beds/tuff-bed-crate-pad.html

Indestructible puppy toys – https://k9ballistics.com/index.php/chew-proof-k9-tuff-dog-beds/tuff-bed-crate-pad.html

How long can my puppy be crated?

This is an excellent question and one that is asked by many of our clients! We strongly recommend to our clients, that they actively take their puppy outside to go potty, every 2-3 hours. If your puppy doesn’t go to the bathroom every 2-3 hours, you can gradually increase the amount of time to take her out. If you are playing with your puppy, please be sure to immediately let her outside when he/she is done playing, or she will be more likely to have an accident on your floor or in the crate! Check out our puppy package designed for puppies 6 months of age or younger, here: https://www.doggongoodtime.com/services

2. Collar and leash –

Your puppy is going through a BIG adjustment period. During the first few weeks, your puppy will require brief leashed walks close to home, or until he/she has had all of her puppy shots. A young puppy will not know how to behave on leash and will have to build up to walks. They will be nervous around all new things (i.e. noises, cars, people, other animals, smells, movement) and this is perfectly normal. Allow your puppy to take his time adjusting to his/her surroundings and if they show obvious signs that they are stressed out, please take them back inside and give it time! We highly recommend using a basic “flat” or “martingale” collar to maintain security outdoors.

Martingale collars – https://www.lupinepet.com/martingale-collar/

3. Training clicker and treats –

New puppies are capable of learning new things from a young age! Introducing a clicker trainer to their daily routine, is a great way to get them started in their training. You can pick those up at your local pet store. Of course, treats will be needed along side of clicker training.

*Dog Gon’ Good Time believes in positive reinforcement training and a “force free’ dog walking philosophy.*

Clicker training basics – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM75FUjuKOg

4. Quality puppy food –

If you are working with a breeder or a reputable dog rescue, your puppy will often come with a binder, that lets you know the brand of dog food they’ve been eating, their vet information, personality traits, etc. We recommend doing research before selecting a puppy food that works best! Sometimes, it will be trial and error to figure out which one your puppy likes the most.

Dog food advisor – https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/best-puppy-foods/

5. A reputable pet care provider!

Many working pet parents, need help when they’re out of the home… This is where we come in! We have been family owned and managed for over 5 years now. We provide excellent care for your new puppy, such as, walking, playing, feeding and basic obedience training and keeping them on a schedule that works best for the both of you. Check out our “services” page for more info! https://www.doggongoodtime.com/services




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