Safer local service that has benefits similar to “Wag”!

Safer local service that has benefits similar to "Wag"!

It’s 2018 and we all love the latest in technology and convenience. I mean, who wouldn’t?! Technology is always improving and with it comes competition.

Have you heard of the “on demand” dog Walking app – Wag- that is similar to uber for transportation? Or, “Rover” which gives you the power to choose a profile based on your specific preference and budget? These are just a couple systems that have made it easy for the busy pet owner.

While these systems are convenient and easy to use, they also come with there own set of challenges… For starters, how many of us, are OK with not meeting the person taking their precious pooch out for a walk or walking in our private home? If the answer to these questions are “not me!”, then keep reading…

Dog Gon’ Good Time, is constantly evolving  to keep up with the competition and to appeal to our clients. Did you know? we use a pet sitting software that allows our clients to book services “on demand”. Time To Pet – lets you choose how to access your personal portal, through the desktop version or via the APP. It also features invoicing, communication, GPS tracking, time tracking and many extras!

Back to the issue of security and safety… We currently have 5 vetted Walkers/Pet Sitters, including the two owners – Jess and Joce, who actively walk and cover for pet sitting. Our full time clients are given a primary walker who they meet with in advance to go over any questions or concerns they may have. Our rotating/drop in clients, have two different walkers to best accommodate their changing schedules. Our walkers/sitters, undergo background checks, CORI, reference checks and two weeks of training with one of the owners. They are also given an “employee handbook”, an information packet, tshirts/sweatshirts, poop bags, treats, towels and an arm band to keep their phones on them at all times. We are available for your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year – holidays and weekends are included.

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