Spring time service upgrades! (COMING SOON)

Spring time service upgrades! (COMING SOON)

Don’t worry, spring IS on it’s way! After the past couple of storms, I think we’ve all had enough, am I right?! Recently, we had put up a poll on Facebook, asking for client and public feedback. The poll asked the two questions: Would you rather a longer walk for your dog? Or, would you prefer your dog get some more social time? The response was right down the middle at 50/50. This has given us some insight as to what our clients want in a service…

Let’s put the bigger picture into perspective: The majority of dogs, excluding very young puppies and senior dogs, need more than a basic 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. The average dog really requires a minimum of 60 minutes of brisk exercise or play a day, to keep potential problem behaviors at bay and to keep them from pestering us when we’ve already had an exhausting day. How many busy or professional dog owners, actually have 60 minutes to give their fur babies per day? Let’s look at it this way… The average person works a 40 hour work week, which means, they are gone anywhere from 8-10 hours a day, including or not including commuting time factored in! I know what your’e thinking… I’m tired by the time I get home, get settled, cook dinner, help the kids with homework, drive to/from activities, go to the gym, go to school and on top of it all, I have to factor in a walk for my dog… Like they say, not enough hours in a day to get life done.

OK, I get your point but what are you trying to get at, Jess?  Alright, I’m done bantering! We are upgrading our services to better accommodate our canine friends and to make our clients lives a lot easier, I promise! Don’t panic, we will still have short visits for our seniors, young puppies or disabled dogs. If your dog isn’t social or cannot sustain 60+ minutes of activities, this will not be an issue either. Our service upgrades will be for the more active adult dog or puppy, to get the best of both worlds – more social AND activity time with a few friends

. Your dog will also enjoy basic obedience training, rides in the car, leash manners and proper socialization with other dogs and humans. You will be able to customize how many days you would like your dog to join us each week (2 day minimum required). What about my puppy that isn’t quite ready? (i.e. UTD on vaccinations, newly rescued, currently in dog training) our puppy clients are also receiving an upgrade! We have established that it is not possible to get anything accomplished with our current puppy package – 2/15-20 minute visits per day. We want to better assist with getting them off to a great start in life! Puppies under 6 months old, will receive a minimum of 2/30 minute visits per day.

COMING SOON – APRIL 2018.* Stay tuned for more information and even more service upgrades!

Questions? Suggestions?  send us an email, here: services@doggongoodtime.com we want to hear from you!



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