Where can I find a pet care service that comes to Woodspring Suites in Saugus, MA?

Where can I find a pet care service that comes to Woodspring Suites in Saugus, MA?

Have you heard the good news?! Saugus, MA now has a pet friendly hotel that just opened! It is located just off route 1 north and is super convenient for commuters that commute to Boston or surrounding, or if you do not have a car. There are many restaurants and shopping right out your front door. The best part is, they accept cats and dogs (80 pounds and under) and they do not have any breed restrictions for dogs – SCORE! The hotel does require that all pets be registered and there is a fee that is billed nightly or even monthly for long term stays. For those of you who prefer to stay close, the rooms come equipped with an in room kitchen (dishes included in each) and a fitness center.

So, where can I find care for my pet/s when I am unable to be at the hotel?

Excellent question! For exceptional pet care services, Dog Gon’ Good Time, located in Saugus, does currently service Woodspring Suites. We are able to accommodate very temporary, long term or infrequent drop in walks, potty breaks, overnight (in house) care or just spend a couple hours in the evening, if you would like to head out with friends, coworkers or family! Yes, we are insured and bonded. Yes, we do wear a uniform to provide that extra security blanket.

Should I have my dog walked or visited while I am staying at a hotel?

Many of our fur friends, have separation anxiety and it can and will cause excessive barking, panting, scratching, accidents or otherwise destructive behaviors. If your dog isn’t used to being out of his/her home environment, we do recommend a daily visit to keep the anxiety and stress to a minimum.

How can I get services set up for my dog?

Services can be booked by calling us at 781-922-1707 or by emailing us directly – Services@doggongoodtime.com. 



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