NEW Service added: Puppy Playgroups

NEW Service added: Puppy Playgroups

So, you have a new addition added to your family… a puppy! It’s such an exciting time when you are finally able to bring your new fur baby home. Your company has this awesome policy for pet parents and they allow new parents to take “Pawternity leave” – so you take a week or two off from work to help your pup with adjusting to his new home, and to make sure he gets out to use the potty, as much as possible. Sometimes, we even need to head out for those midnight bathroom breaks, while he still has that tiny little bladder…

You think you got this covered, right? Then you come to the end of your “Pawternity leave” and you start to panic: What am I supposed to do when I need to go back to work?! Then the stress comes flooding in… Well, the good news is, is there are so many amazing dog walkers and pet sitters out there, but how do you choose the best one for your needs?

First of all, research, research, research! Not all walkers and sitters are created equal. You will want to ensure the safety of your pooch and property so ask if they are insured and bonded.* If you are working more than 6 hours per day, it is best to find a service than can accommodate a minimum of two visits per day. Secondly, your pup is going to grow and FAST and you will want to find a service that can grow with him (longer walks or playtime). Thirdly, it is important for your puppy to gain some structure and routine. Puppies need socialization starting at a very young age so getting him enrolled in a puppy playgroup or group like setting, is essential. Fourthly, who doesn’t want to come home to a nicely settled and happy puppy?! Many working parents, simply don’t have the time or energy left when they arrive home, to deal with that endless puppy energy. Worry no more… With a little effort in recruiting an excellent service to take care your pup, he will be off to a great start!

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