Ways to help a nervous dog on July 4th!

Ways to help a nervous dog on July 4th!

4th of July is coming quick… This brings celebrations, parades, cookouts, beach days, traveling and FIREWORKS! Fireworks bring either joy or anxiety; whether you’re human or a dog. Most dog owners have officially labeled independence day the absolute worst day of the year for their dogs.

Here at Dog Gon’ Good Time, we have heard our fair share of horror stories about clients’ dogs bolting and not returning home for days, their dog destroying the house while they left them at home and the list goes on and on…

We want to go over a few ways to help your dog,

during this very scary time of year:

1. Exercise! Get your dog out for a good run or a rigorous play session during the day to help them relax.

2. Turn on some calm or soothing music to help drown out the loud bangs!

3. Keep them in an area of the house that is quieter and make sure to close the windows, blinds or curtains.

4. Keep them at home or inside at all times, preferably with a human companion or another dog.

5. Make sure they have plenty of water and if it’s a hot day, keep the air conditioner on.

6. Leave them with a puzzle toy to keep them occupied and focused on something other than the noise. Kongs stuffed with peanut butter or yogurt and then frozen, is always a crowd favorite!

7. Try a thunder shirt for comfort. Many dogs feel more secure and grounded when they are wrapped up.

Whether your dog is OK with fireworks or not, please keep them at home or somewhere safe, away from fireworks to avoid them running off or extreme anxiousness.

Be safe and have an amazing 4th of July from us at DGGT!



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