Naturally treating hot spots

Naturally treating hot spots

My dog incessantly licks her paw! Why is she doing this?

Dogs are prone to getting hot spots. What is a hot spot? Hot spots are red, moist, itchy lesions on your dogs skin. Hot spots will sometimes ooze or bleed. Hot spots can be caused by a variety of things:

1. Boredom

2. Stress

3. Bug bites

4. Fleas

5. Matted fur

6. Underlying disease

7. Allergies

If you suspect your dog has a hot spot, it’s best to catch it immediately before it spreads or gets infected. Often times vets will prescribe a steroid, antibiotics or anti fungal ointments to treat hot them but this can be harmful over time or even suppress your dogs immune over time.

If you see a hot spot forming, here are a few natural things to try at home, before heading to your veterinarian:

First, trim or shave the affected area. Clean the area with a mild soap (baby shampoo or salt water solution).

Essential oils: (direct application with a cotton ball)

1. Lavender oil(Lavender oil can offer moisture to the skin while at the same time acting as a natural astringent that will cleanse the affected area).

2. Tea tree oil (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-itch properties found in the tea tree leaves help soothe and heal any affected skin).

3. Calendula oil (Calendula plants contain high amounts of flavonoids which are fast acting for healing the skin and providing anti-inflammatory action to any affected area).

Other helpful remedies:

3. Witch hazel

4. Black tea bags

5. Betadine

If your dog is excessively scratching the infected area, it is best to provide a dog collar or cone to protect them from making it worse!

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