Back to school doggy blues!

Back to school doggy blues!

For most of us, back to school is right around the corner! Amidst all the chaos and confusion of getting back to school gear, clothes and configuring yearly schedules… It’s no wonder our dogs are pushed off to the side.

Common transitional issues can and do happen when their human companions are away from the house abruptly, while they were used to hanging out with them pool side for an extended amount of time. Yes, our dogs can fall into a depression or even pick up some separation anxiety!


Here’s how to help them through the back to school funk:

1. Start up a new routine in advance! Some dogs are used to the school routine and it doesn’t take long for them to get used to it each year.

2. Take your pup for a stroll (short walk is fine!) prior to leaving him for the day.

3. When you are walking out of the house, don’t make a big deal out of it. Pet or kiss your pup and tell them that you will be back soon and walk out the door.

4. If your dog is crying or barking excessively when you leave, try a kong or other puzzle toy to distract him when you’re leaving.

5. Hire a dog walker! If you need to leave your pup all day, hire a professional dog walker to get him out for a break mid day.

6. After work, walk inside the house and don’t put up a fuss then offer another walk or a play session to keep his energy and stress level down.

What are your tips for the back to school hype?



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