How to keep your pet safe over Labor Day weekend

How to keep your pet safe over Labor Day weekend

YES for long weekends, especially over the summer months! Beach days, pool parties, outside events, yappy hours, cookouts, parades… The list goes on and on… This also means we have many opportunities to take our pups along with us. When out in public or in a crowded space, please keep the following in mind, to keep your pets safe and happy this Labor Day weekend!

Keep an eye on the food your dog may be snacking on –

Many people naturally gravitate to dogs. When this happens, your dog will more than likely be eating things off the ground or people may go out of their way to feed your dog some of the food they’re eating, cause, you know – who can say no to that cute face?! Some common summer foods that can cause illness in your dog are: corn on the cob, raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, chocolate and sugar free products. It is always best to refrain from feeding dogs your table scraps and keep them away from tables or the grill to avoid any possible issues. If your dog gets his paws on something he shouldn’t, keep an eye on him and prepare to take him to a vet if necessary!

The grill can cause burns and can be a fun snacking area –

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re grilling outside! The grill can be a hazard to your pet; grease drips from underneath and can burn your dogs head or body and the bottom of the grill gets extremely hot. Grease drippings contain large amounts of oil which is unsafe for dogs to consume with the high fat content. Fire starters such as, matches, lighters, charcoal and lighter fluid can be dangerous when ingested or inhaled. If your pup is naturally curious, keep him on a leash!

Beware of fireworks –

Dogs and fireworks do not mix! If the celebration you’re attending has loud poppers, fireworks or sparklers, please keep your dog safe at home.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!



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