“Clicker training” benefits for your dog!

"Clicker training" benefits for your dog!

“Clicker”… what is it? why should I use it? where can I get one? Can I use it for my dog? my cat? my rat? my horse? Yes, yes and YES! We have connected with Rod from the Dogsmith of Boston North, to get his two cents as to some of the benefits of using “clicker” training for your pup (or cat, horse or rat… whichever).

“Clicker training”

What is it?

“Clicker training” uses a “click” from a clicker device as a consistent and predictable audible marker for when your dog (or cat, horse, or rat…) does something you like.

How does it work?

A click = a reward, but, not just any reward – a tasty and high quality reward, such as, chicken, hot dog or cheese – works best in the beginning. When we ask a dog to do something for us, when he complies, we offer a “click” and he is given a reward in exchange for his compliance. A “click” is a foundation of positive reinforcement training, which rewards the “good” and ignores the “bad”.

In effect, the dog works happily to earn a food reward instead of old punishment methods where the dog only works to avoid a punishment (i.e. shock collars, prong collars and choke chains). No pain, no fear = happy dogs with happy humans!

To learn more about positive reinforcement training methods, visit Rod at: https://www.dogsmith.com/dogsmith-boston-north/

To purchase a clicker, please visit your local pet store!




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