This Is Why It’s Important to Train Your Pup

Do you know the fur parent of a dog nobody wants to watch? This person may often struggle to find a pet sitter due to their pet’s behavioral problems, such as leash-pulling, jumping up on guests, stealing human food off the plate, barking and howling all day or night, destroying personal property or even aggression. You may often wonder where they went wrong. You couldn’t ever imagine your adorable little pooch being such a bad boy or naughty girl.

However, the truth is, even the best-behaved dogs are capable of stirring up trouble when fur parents drop the ball on training and discipline. It can be hard to say no to those big eyes, but if you let your pup begin to think he’s master of your household, he can put not just himself, but your family in danger. Here are just some of the many reasons it’s important to train your dog.


Establishes Order

Many fur parents dislike the idea of being in charge of their dogs or asserting ownership. However, dogs are pack animals. Just like their cousins, the wolves, there is a hierarchy of power that they respect and obey.

This isn’t mean or unfair. It’s just the natural instincts of a dog and the way they’re programmed. So, if the human doesn’t assume the natural role of a leader, the dog will assume the role of Alpha Male or Alpha Female. According to the Hinsdale Humane Society in Illinois:

Dogs need leadership. Not only does it help reinforce what is expected of them, it is important for a dog to understand how to navigate the rules of a household. Being a strong yet benevolent leader to your dog can help prevent concerns with aggression or anxiety and help your dog live a long happy, healthy life.


Protects Your Property

One of the most expensive problems caused by undisciplined pooches is the destruction of personal property. From chewing up couches to eating through shoes or tearing down blinds, a dog can cause serious damage to a home if he doesn’t learn the house rules.

An untrained puppy can also chew through wires and have accidents smack dab in the middle of a newly installed carpet. So, whether you rent and want your deposit back, own your home and plan to re-sell it one day, or would just like to protect your investment, it’s always a good idea to start early, and train your puppy. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Protects Your Dog

Fur parents often adopt a dog for protection. Most dogs are fiercely loyal and will protect the family at any cost. However, dogs need protecting too, particularly from themselves. By having strong, firm rules in place for the dog to follow you can prevent the following catastrophes from happening:

  • Being evicted from an apartment or condo, because of noise complaints from the constant barking and howling
  • Your dog pulling free from his leash and getting lost on a hiking trip 100 miles from home
  • Running into oncoming traffic, ignoring your calls, and being hit by a car
  • Chewing through your passport, right before an important overseas trip

Some of these examples may sound extreme. However, for the fur parents of troublesome pooches, these are the everyday risks of dangers and embarrassment they face.


Strengthens the Bond

Every year 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters. And, the most common reasons that fur parents surrender their dogs is because of “pet problems”. In fact, this accounted for 47 percent of re-homed dogs. According to the ASPCA, pet problems include aggressive and problematic behaviors, which can be reduced through proper training.

Naturally then, fur parents who have a happy and healthy relationship with their dog are unlikely to even contemplate giving them up. This strengthens the bond between you and your dog, while helping to ensure that should anything ever happen to you, another family would be more than happy to adopt him or her.

Now that you’ve come to see the importance of training your dog, you’re probably worried about the cost. After all, some dog trainers charge hundreds of dollars just for a brief session. You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dog whisperer to train your dog. Simply establish the ground rules, present a united front with other members of your household and spend a few minutes per day on simple training tasks.

If you have a puppy at home, then the best time to start is now. Life skills such as walking on a leash, coming when called, sitting or staying when told, and maintaining self-control in spite of temptation will go a long way to protect yourself, your family and your dog.

Training a puppy is a lot harder than it sounds. So, if you need help getting started, our trained pet sitters at Dog Gon’ Good Time can help. Call us at 781-922-1707 and ask about our puppy packages. Not only do we help to socialize your pup and assist with potty training during our visits, but we’re also happy to get him or her started on their leash training. Puppy packages start at just $30.





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