4 Awesome Perks of Being a Pet Sitter

Many people choose a career because of the money or a family legacy. Some can’t even begin to remember what led them down the path that ended in their current career choice. The truth is: very few people actually succeed at making a career out of what they love. Because of this, more than 70 percent of Americans dislike their jobs.

Luckily, most pet sitters fall within the 30 percent of Americans who are doing something they love. More often than not, pet sitters are animal lovers who can’t imagine a better way to earn a living than snuggling with your pet. Whether this is their part-time gig or the business that pays the bills (like Dog Gon’ Good Time!), we enjoy what we do.

This is not to say that pet sitting is an easy job. While it most certainly can be, there are challenges: last-minute cancellations, scrubbing puke out of the carpet, being scratched to bits by mischievous kittens. If you’re a professional pet sitter, you probably have a few horror stories of your own to share—but hopefully not!

In short, not every day is a walk in the park for pet sitters—no pun intended! Okay, maybe just a little. In any case, here are four awesome perks of being a pet sitter as we celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week.


1. It’s a Passion Project

Often, we don’t have much of a choice about working with other people. It’s the usual condition of having a job. However, when it comes to working with animals, that is always a choice. So, if you know someone who works with animals, they are likely very passionate about their job. This is true whether they are a vet, dog trainer or pet sitter.

According to one article published by Forbes, knowing what you’re passionate about and pursuing that passion can make all the difference in your life. Your passion is the reason you want to get out of bed in the morning. You wake up with a smile knowing you’ll be working on a project related to it, today. You willingly give a 110 percent of yourself to this, no matter how difficult it is. Why spend 40 hours per week doing anything else, if you can help it?


2. All the Adopted Fur Babies

Another reason we love dog sitting is because of all the many amazing pups we get to befriend along the way. The same is true of pet sitting cats, and all the other types of animals pet sitters often work with, including snakes, pigs, hedgehogs, foxes, and ferrets. Once you’ve been in the industry a while, and sometimes even if you have just started, you might be surprised at some of the requests you receive!

The pet sitters for whom this is the most important are those who cannot have pets of their own. Yes, believe it or not, not all pet sitters get to go home to their own cats and dogs. This could be due to allergies in the family, restrictions on their lease, or preferences of other family members. Thus, being able to befriend your fur baby makes not having one of their own a lot more bearable.


3. The Hours are Flexible

Most pet sitters work for themselves, and one of the most awesome perks of this is being able to set your own schedule. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, there’s a fur parent out there who could use your services. All you need to do is find them and build a solid work relationship.

Even for pet sitters who operate as part of a team, you’re usually able to decide the days and times you’ll be available. This makes it an excellent complement to almost any schedule. See below for a few examples:

  • Full-time corporate nine-to-fivers who could use some extra change for fun
  • Work-at-home entrepreneurs trying to supplement their business income
  • Homeowners who need help paying off the mortgage
  • Full-time pet sitters who are living the dream life
  • College students trying to make ends meet
  • Travelers saving for their next big trip
  • Workers who are in-between jobs


4. It Feels Good to Do Good

Many people go through life wondering what their purpose might be, or what will make them happy. They are often searching for that career or hobby that will make a difference in the world. While pet sitting won’t lead to world peace anytime soon, it does help pet owners to live the life they always dreamed without feeling guilty about leaving their pets at home.

It also helps pets to not feel so lonely and uprooted when their owners are away. According to an article on PetMD:

Pets… show signs of stress when their owners are away but it tends to be less severe when they are in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. The obvious choice is live-in pet sitting. It is as close to a normal environment for the pets as possible and is also great insurance against crime.

Imagine that! Looks like we help to fight off the bad guys, after all!

Pet sitting is a challenging job, but offers a lot to make it worthwhile. From wagging tails to excitedly pricked up ears, we look forward to our jobs as much as you look forward to seeing your pets after a long day at work—and that is the most awesome thing about being a pet sitter.

We’ll be offering a few awesome promotions in celebration of the 25th Annual Professional Pet Sitters Week. So, if you haven’t already, check our blog for updates. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.




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