You will never find a pet sitter in Saugus, or anywhere else, who loves your dog as much as you do. You and your pooch have built countless memories together, from daring leash escapes, to forbidden squirrel chases, and endless tummy rubs on the sofa. Even so, you can find pet sitters in Saugus who come close, and who will treat your dog or cat with the same amount of respect and affection that he (or she!) deserves.

That journey, however, begins with finding the right pet sitter. This comes down to not just the right personality, but also compatible skill sets. If your dog has boundless energy, will they be active enough to keep up and help you tire him out? Do they have the mental fortitude to resist those perfectly orchestrated meows and help kitty stick to her diet? Here are a few things you need to look for in a pet sitter.

  1. Your Pet Loves Them

Some people say dogs are a great judge of character. This isn’t always true. Dogs almost always love their humans and the persons who give them treats, irrespective of what those people are like. That is the kind of unconditional love for which they are known.

Even so, dogs are a good judge of the people they will get along with and in the grand scheme of things, that’s what matters most to them. If your dog takes a special liking to your pet sitter, it’s a good idea to keep them around. This helps to build familiarity, so that long absences become a lot more bearable.

  1. They Follow House Rules

Many pet sitters prefer to offer a two-in-one house sitting and pet sitting service in one. There are many great benefits to this, including keeping your home occupied to discourage criminals from targeting your home. However, this means that you will need to know whether or not your pet sitter will follow the house rules.

You can have a brief conversation to set some guidelines. Thereafter, you will need to get your feet wet and see how things progress. The good news is that long before you commit to a pet or house sit, you can start out with short-term services, such as quick relief visits and puppy packages.

  1. They Have Age-Specific Experience

When it comes to caring for animals, different age groups in cats and dogs require different needs. Puppies and kittens, for instance, can be a real handful. They usually need to be confined to smaller areas and the pet sitter must be patient during potty training.

If the kitten was separated from their mother at a young age, they may need some help understanding the concept of using the litter box. Meanwhile, puppies need to learn to signal that they need to go outside. Senior dogs and adult dogs may have special requirements as well.

  1. They Know CPR & First Aid

Some cats and dogs are special needs animals and have particular requirements all throughout their lives. It may take unique contraptions to make dog walking possible or they may need ladders to make it onto the sofa or bed.

Good pet sitters in Saugus are familiar with these needs and are trained — including by you — to carry them out. Basic training, animal CPR and first aid also helps to ensure that should Fido or Mister Whiskers decide to dabble in a bit of trouble while you’re gone, they may get the basic medical attention they need.

  1. They are Affordable

Many fur parents believe that by splurging on the absolute highest cost of pet care, they are providing their fur babies with the best solutions. However, this is sometimes a far cry from the truth. Some pet sitters have flexible schedules, work routines or business models that allow them to provide more affordable services.

For instance, students may use the opportunity to study. Similarly, remote workers may be racking up $25 per hour at your kitchen table with a laptop already, and therefore have no need to charge exorbitant fees. So, instead of checking the price, pay close attention to credentials as well as the four traits listed above.

Trusting a pet sitter in Massachusetts to care for your cat or dog is not always easy, especially when it involves allowing them into your home. However, by employing a discerning mind and a bit of patience, you will find the right sitter in no time. In fact, we have a recommendation right here! Get in touch with us today to book everything from cat sitting to dog hikes.