How to Have a Flea-Free Warm Season in Saugus

Warm weather is finally sweeping through Saugus, Massachusetts. It’s a great time to go hiking, mountain biking, skating, climbing and all the other amazing outdoor activities that are available in New England when ice and snow is nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, humans and their fur babies aren’t the only ones celebrating the warm weather. You can bet that fleas will be rearing their ugly heads as well. Are you prepared to ensure you have a flea-free warm season this year? Here are some tips to ensure you do.

1. Treat Your Pets Early

Proactive pet parents would have already hopped on this train by treating their cats and dogs as early as possible. If you haven’t yet administered flea medication, because you’re waiting for the first scratch of the season, don’t delay.

Depending on the type, age and size of your pet, you may be able to use oral medication, topical solutions or even flea collars. Note that cats and dogs are not the only animals plagued by fleas. Guinea pigs, hamsters and even birds may also fail prey to these pests.

2. Keep Up the Good Work

Once you get started, it’s important to keep at it. Remember that flea medication is not forever. They only last for a specific period of time, usually one to three months. Check the duration of the medication you administer.

Make a note on your calendar to administer the new dose so that fleas never get a break and your fur baby never has to spend a minute digging at their fur. If your cat or dog has flea allergies, this is even more important.

3. Vacuum Like Crazy

Okay, maybe not exactly like crazy, but definitely more often than you did in the winter time. Vacuums don’t kill fleas, but they do remove them from sofas, rugs, and other surfaces. This is only a temporary solution to a flea problem, so be sure to follow up with sprays.

Chemicals provide more permanent relief. Be sure to keep cats out of the room until chemicals have completely dried as cats may come to harm if they lick themselves clean after coming into contact with pesticides.

4. Do Some Washing

It’s also a good idea to wash bed linen, seat covers, bathroom mats, pet bedding, and anything else you can safely throw in the machine with warm, soapy water. Fleas won’t hold up too well under those conditions. It doesn’t hurt to treat bowls and chew toys as well. You never know where the fleas might be hiding out while they wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce on an unsuspecting fur baby — or human.

5. Get Your Friends Onboard

Chances are that your friends often bring their dogs by when they come to visit. Ensure your friends are on the same page with your flea prevention plan by bathing and treating their own pets. This helps to prevent well-meaning friends from accidentally re-introducing fleas into your home after you already spent the afternoon vacuuming like crazy and washing everything in sight to ensure Fido and Mister Whiskies never have to lift a paw to scratch this spring or summer.

6. Get Professionals Involved

If after all your hard work, your fur baby is still struggling with a flea infestation, you may need to get some professional help. If your fur baby is scratching a lot, and worse, has developed an allergic reaction, consult the vet. A veterinarian may be in the best position to offer you advice and provide relief to your pet. As far as the house itself, if the infestation is really bad and keeps recurring, you may want to consider pest control services. Remember, fleas bite humans too!

Is there anything in all the world more annoying than fleas to fur babies? Probably so, but it’s hard to tell in the warm season with all this scratching! The good news is that there is no need to keep Fido inside for fear of tracking in fleas. In fact, pet sitters in Saugus at Dog Gon’ Good Time would be happy to take him on hikes or walks around the neighborhood. And, if he needs a trip to the vet or groomer to take care of that itching while you’re stuck at work, we can probably work something out. Just give us a call at 781-922-1707.


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