Losing a pet is argument ably, one of the most difficult days that we could ever conceive as pet parents. Often times, we grieve for a long duration of time and can’t help but to reminisce about all the amazing times, and memories we shared with our fur babies without bringing tears to our eyes! It is more than OK to long for another hug or kiss from your pet and this goes without saying. In fact, more and more people are opting for a pet over a child. This just goes to show the devotion and bond we create with these amazing creatures, is truly unique and special. In order to start the healing process, here are 5 meaningful ways to remember and celebrate them on Pet Memorial Day.

Create a commemorative for them on social media:

It’s 2019 and everyone is on social media! What better way to gain support and sympathy through these tough days? Creating a memorial on social media is an excellent way to accomplish this and for your local community to lend an ear.

Have a blanket made:

Here at DGGT, we have been known to gift memorial blankets to our loyal and awesome clients who have lost a loved one. I find this a warm way to remember and it can easily be taken out and put away whenever needed.

Plant a flower or tree:

Do you have a bit of extra room in your garden? This is a simple and eco friendly way to give back to them. A potted flower to keep inside, is also a great option. Don’t forget to add his or her paw print plaque to your garden or even a chime.

Take a family walk or hike to your pets favorite spot:

Pack up and head to the place that you and your pet enjoyed. Follow the same path or trail that he or she would romp on, and share stories or just spend time together during this difficult time!

Volunteer or donate to your local rescue:

Donating to your favorite organization is a thoughtful way to give back. If you are unable to donate, volunteering is another fantastic option. We recommend Sweet Paws Rescue in Ipswich or Northeast Animal Shelter, if you would like to volunteer. Remember to only use organizations that provide positive reinforcement training or “fear free”.


Jess – owner/partner of DGGT