Professional pet owners rejoice! June 17-21st is “take your pet to work week”! Friday, June 21st is the official “take your dog to work” day. This pet holiday was created by PSI in 1999, to raise shelter awareness and adoption. But, before you go ahead and mark it down on your calendar, be sure to check with your company prior, to ensure it is OK to take your pup with you.

Why take your dog to work?

Aside from the fact that there aren’t many of us humans who don’t adore wagging tails and kisses, there are a few benefits in having your fur baby along side of you while you’re at work:
  1. An opportunity or two to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise! Most dogs won’t be able to sit around all day without needing a potty break or a good stretch – what better excuse to have?
  2. For the less sociable, having your fur buddy by your side, makes it easy to engage in work place conversation with some new people!
  3. Your dog will be thankful you did! Dogs are fond of people and enjoy being in their company. This will lead to extra attention throughout their day and it helps with that necessary mental stimulation.
  4. Reduces stress in humans! Unless your pup is easily stressed out or doesn’t crave being paid attention to, people benefit from having a dog in their work space. It helps reduce stress and build productivity.
“A new survey from Wellness® Natural Pet Food found that 65 percent of American pet parents believe that having pets in the workplace would benefit company culture. That same survey revealed that not only are pets beneficial to morale, but may help with recruitment and employee retention:
  •  75 percent of respondents believe that pets would diffuse a stressful situation in the workplace
    •    59 percent feel they would get to know their colleagues better if there were pets present
    •    Nearly half of dog owners say that “pet perks” are important when considering a job offer, with one in five millennial pet parents noting specifically that being able to bring their dog to work is important when considering a job offer.”

Most pet friendly companies in Massachusetts:

  • Wellness Pet Food, Tewksbury MA.
  • Life is Good, Boston MA.
  • Harpoon Brewery, Boston MA.
  • HubSpot, Cambridge MA.


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