Father’s Day in Massachusetts, is just around the corner… It is for celebrating and honoring the dads, uncles, brothers or any important male figure in our lives. We often forget about the sacrifices and all the contributions these men have made, and for our fur babies. From taking the dog for a walk after a long day at work, putting on dinner or helping the kids with their nightly homework – we should be proud to celebrate them for being such a big part of our lives!

Here are 5 ways to give back to them this June:


The pet back pack saddle bag for dogs:

Let dad take a load off! This awesome saddle bag is great for the avid hikers with medium to large pups for all those awesome Massachusetts hike spots. It can hold dad’s wallet, a water bottle, snacks and any other essentials needed for a day hike, all while going home with a pooped-out pup. For the smaller pups with smaller legs, they make wearable back packs to strap on and head out.

Pet back pack saddle bag


 A coffee mug:

If that important guy in your life is anything like the rest of us, he will surely love his morning coffee. Amazon sells customizable coffee mugs from his fur buddy, ranging from thoughtful to funny and everything in between!

Customizable pet mug


Dog Pocket Flask:

 Since Father’s Day is a day to celebrate, what better way than to do it in style? This handy pocket flask makes it easy to take it along when traveling.



Whistle GPS Tracker:

The whistle dog GPS tracker is a favorite amongst quite a few of our clients. Understandably so and now your wandering fur buddy won’t cause you worry anymore! It is also water proof for those avid swimmers.

Whistle GPS tracker


Cuddle Clones:

Since dad won’t be able to have his fur buddy tag alone on the green, he can now have a cuddle clone!

Golf club cuddle clone