Every New England summer, that dreaded day for most dogs and owners alike, comes rolling back around… Independence Day. July 5th is historically the busiest day of the year for the majority of shelters in the US. According to the ASPCA, there are over 7.6 million pets placed in shelters, many of them are family pets.

The summer brings new adventures and memories each year! Although we feel compelled to bring our fur companions along for the holiday weekend or to that family barbecue, it is best to let them hang at home, where it is safe and quieter. Dogs have always run away for many reasons: a female in heat, wandering off smelling a new and exciting scent, getting spooked by a loud noise, jumping out of a car window when taking a break or getting over the back-yard fence, to name just a few. Fireworks, in particular, are a huge cause for concern and immense stress in some dogs and there is a huge flight risk, even when properly secured on a leash!

What IF My Dog Were To Run Away?

Prevention is key, especially around the 4th of July holiday. For many of us pet owners on the North shore, MA – we live close to the beach, parks or other open areas that fireworks are often used. As a precautionary, the following steps should be considered:

1. Ensure your dog has a collar on them.
2. Make sure the collar has your dogs’ ID and information on it.
3. Microchip your dog.

Prevention Is KEY:

Safeguarding your dogs environment, is the best way to prevent your dog from running away. If your dog is nervous or stressed with loud noises or new people in their space, it is always best to leave them at home. Certain essential oils, keeping the TV or an AC on and closing all windows, will help to ease the stress level, especially over July 4th. In certain cases, some dogs will require medication to help them cope.

What Happens IF My Dog Ends Up Running Away?

If your pup manages to run away, despite your efforts and safe guarding, please try not to panic! Panicking will only make things worse. It is best to start the search for your fur baby immediately to improve the chances of finding him/her safe and sound.

1. Always notify your neighbors to be on the lookout!
2. Post a recent pic of your pup to social media, including the local community pages.
3. Do not scream your dog’s name, that will only frighten him/her even more.
4. Call your local animal control officer and veterinarian and they will notify you if a rescuer brings in your pup.
5. When locating your dog, do not chase after him/her.
6. Be patient. Keep an eye on where your pup goes, quietly. Keeping high quality food on you and trying to lead your dog with a trail of food to your car (door open) can be effective.
7. If you are unable to find your dog, contact Missing Dogs Massachusetts to assist – https://www.missingdogsmass.com/

Most pups don’t find enjoyment in the loud bangs and crackles from fireworks… If your pup prefers to be at home during this summer, contact our pet sitters to help with their care!