This fabulous feline holiday was created by the CATalyst Council. Their primary goal was to educate and spread awareness about the overall importance of cats when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

So, how do we show our cats just how much they are loved and appreciated this month, and every month? Here are just a few of the ways to give back to our cats this September:

Most cats are playful! They love to engage with their owners and play a game with a piece of yarn or string, with a laser, some catnip or by chasing a ball or a favorite treat. This will not only keep them happy; it will help with weight management and boost their immunity.

Feeding a well-balanced diet. Cats are carnivores by nature and they must eat an animal-based diet. It is best to keep the carbohydrates low and to avoid those nasty animal by-products in their food.

Cuddle time! Cats – well some – love affection! This could mean a quick massage or sitting on the couch and allowing your fur baby to stroll over at his/her leisure and get in your lap. Remember to respect your cats’ space and pick up on any cues that he/she has had enough. Signs your cat is content: tail standing straight up, forward and relaxed ears, squinty eyes and purring.

Take your cat for a stroll on a beautiful fall day! The best way to successfully offer a walk is to put a harness and leash on. This will ensure their safety at all times. If your cat is showing any signs of distress, bring back inside immediately.

Pick up a new cat bed or scratching post. Scratching posts are essential to help sway your kitty from scratching up that brand-new furniture set or injuring a nail if it gets too long.

Heading out for a long weekend to go “leaf peeping” around Massachusetts this Fall!? We have your fur baby covered. We will be your cats’ best friend while you’re away. To book cat sitting visits: BOOK HERE!