September 16-22th marks Petfinder’s annual “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week”. We agree all animals deserve a loving family to call their own! However, kittens and puppies are labeled as the more desirable animals, when heading out to pick out your next fur baby. Fortunately, this week has been created to spread awareness about the less desirable animals that are looking for a home this September, in Massachusetts.


According to World’s Best Cat Litter

  • 95% of Petfinder shelter and rescue group members currently have adoptable pets for whom they are having extreme difficulty finding a home.
  • 33% of Petfinder adoption groups said they’ve had pets who were posted on Petfinder for 1-2 years without being adopted with a staggering 27% with pets who’ve waited more than two years for a forever home.


The pets having the hardest times finding fur-ever homes:

  1. Senior/older pets – 30%
  2. Pets with medical issues – 15%
  3. Victims of breed prejudice – 13%
  4. Shy or timid pets – 10%
  5. Those who need to be placed in an only pet home – 10%

These are staggering numbers! Not all of us are able to rescue a pet in need this month, but there are many other ways, in which we can help to get the word out…

  • Support local animal rescue and pick a pet of your choice to spotlight on your social media account!
  • Tweet or tag # ALAPW OR #BeTheChange
  • Sponsor a pet in need
  • Volunteer to walk or provide companionship to pets in need

I know you don’t need any more of an incentive to help out some local pups or cats… But, We are here to help spread the word this upcoming week: Tag #dggthouseandpets in the pets’ picture on the rescues Instagram account picture of your choosing, and we will randomly select a rescue to donate to!