Back to school in Saugus, was just a few weeks ago… All of a sudden having a human friend to play ball, walk or swim with for a few months, quickly becomes a thing of the past. With this time of year, there may be added stress and anxiety to your pets’ daily routine and this can lead to an array of behavioral problems!

As pet parents, we need to take our pets’ feelings into consideration during the back to school transition!

How can I help to ease my dogs’ anxiety with the abrupt schedule change?

  1. A week or two before school starts, practice leaving for a couple of hours at a time. It is best to keep the fussing to a minimum! 10 minutes before leaving, offer your pup a bit of entertainment: something to chew on, a puzzle toy or a gentle game of tug. When he is content and occupied, say the cue “I’ll be back” and just walk out the door.
  2. If he is only missing his small humans, take him along for the ride to drop the kids at school or a walk to the bus stop.
  3. Some pets will enjoy the noise from a TV or radio being left on.
  4. Get him a professional dog walker! This will help to get him set up on a new routine and keep his anxiety to a minimum, with some extra exercise and attention when his family can’t be around.


Toxic School Items:

  1. Crayons/markers/colored pencils
  2. Rubber bouncy balls
  3. Glue
  4. Plastic bags
  5. Gum (xylitol)
  6. Ice packs
  7. Albuterol inhaler
  8. Medications


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