This Halloween in Saugus can pose serious threats to our pets! Scary costumes, moving and loud Halloween decorations and candy, are just some of the safety issues. As pet owners, we can definitely help them to feel more secure and safe on this strange holiday.

Dressing Your Pup Up:

Not all dogs enjoy all the attention and playing dress-up! This can create anxiety and serious discomfort in certain dogs. Signs that your dog is not enjoying being dressed up:

  1. Lowering his head when attempting to put a costume on.
  2. Lip licking (a sign of anxiousness).
  3. Rolling onto his back or side.
  4. Trying to get the clothes off after they are on.
  5. Refusing to move with the costume on.
  6. Genuinely looking unhappy.

If your dog is showing any of the above signs, do not force your dog to wear the costume or remove the costume immediately.


Humans Are Scary in Costume Too:

While dogs rely on their sense of smell to identify who they are familiar with, a costume looks strange and can completely throw a dog off!

Even the most simplistic costume such as fairy wings, can cause stress and trigger a reaction, in even the most even-tempered dogs. If your dog is running away from you, backing up and barking, lunging or hiding, it is best to remove the costume and keep it away from your pup.


Halloween Decorations:

Halloween decorations are meant to be scary! With this being said, it is no wonder that animals can become easily frightened by household decorations or while out for a walk. If you notice that your dog is nervous around decorations, move them safely away as soon as possible. Halloween decorations can also be dangerous: streamers, wiring, netting, webs, and batteries should be kept away at all times.


Halloween Candy:

Candy is always a yummy lure for dogs! Keep candy out of your dogs’ reach at all times. In the event your pup ingests candy, he can become seriously ill and cause the following symptoms:

  1. Diarrhea.
  2. Vomiting.
  3. Pacing/restlessness.
  4. Weakness.
  5. Refusing food.


Create a Calm Space:

If your pup is nervous with the trick-or-treaters, movement, and noise level – a crate or a quiet area of the house, is always beneficial in helping to keep them calm. A baby gate to avoid them running out of the house is another way to avoid disaster. Remember: It is always safest to leave your dog at home when taking the kids out to trick-or-treat!


The holidays are coming fast… Did you book your pets’ pet sitting yet? If not, we can help!