The year 2020 is finally upon us. All around the world, millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions to help ensure they have a happy and successful year. Most of these tend to focus on personal goals. Maybe you want to travel more, save more money, and lose some weight. However, few people include their four-legged family members in these plans. Do you? We think you should. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for pet parents and how to keep them.

New Year’s Resolutions for Fur Parents

These resolutions include not just things you should do for your pets, but also things you should do for you. The happier and healthier you are, the better fur parent you’ll be. Here goes!

1. Train Your Pets

Teaching your dog to sit and roll over is cute — truly! However, there are far more important tricks to teach Fido that could save your life and his. The most important thing any dog parent should teach is recall. Dog recall training ensures that when you call Fido, he comes virtually 100% of the time. Some pet parents have even managed to train their cats to do the same. As a cat who is trained to respond to a specific sound my human makes, I can confirm this is true.

2. Get a Tracker

The truth is, your cat won’t always come when called, no matter how well trained we are. Even the most obedient dogs might resist the sound of your voice and keep running. A tracker can save you a lot of trouble in these instances. You can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy equipment with monthly subscriptions and cell service, or you can try the Tile tracker that people attach to their wallets and keys.

3. Pick Up the Poo

If you have a fenced backyard, you probably don’t clean up often when Fido does his business. This is great until guests come by and step in some smelly additions to your lawn. Litterboxes can also create quite the stink if they are not cleaned regularly. Make a commitment to stay on top of this, this year. Your nose, shoes, and guests will thank you — so will your pets!

4. Get Out More

Dog owners often don’t travel as much as cat people. While cat people are out taking weekend trips with Mister Whiskers enjoying his alone time at home, dog parents struggle to find someone to keep Fido while they’re away. Some people get creative and plan trips that include their dogs, while others just stop trying. Don’t let that second type be you this year. Plan to travel more, even if that means leaving Fido behind.


How to Keep Your Resolutions

Inc. magazine estimates that 80% of people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions. This sounds pretty depressing, but there’s no reason you can’t fall within the elite 20% this year. Here’s how.

1. Work With Professionals

This is a lot less expensive than it sounds — promise. If your dog struggles with leash pulling and recall, then you may be able to find local workshops and events that can coach dog parents. Professionals also often have YouTube videos that can teach you remotely. When it comes to traveling more, professional pet sitters and walkers can keep an eye on Fido and Mister Whiskers so you can enjoy your trip worry-free.

2. Create Good Habits

If you want to keep up with your resolution goals, you’ll need to get organized. Set a specific time aside each week for training your pet. If someone invites you on a trip, resist the urge to decline because you have no one to watch Fido. Shop around for pet sitting services first. If cleaning the litterbox is the habit you need to fix, set time aside each day to do a quick poop scoop.

3. Forgive Yourself

Many people fall off the bandwagon after making just one mistake. Maybe you forgot to clean the litterbox today or fell asleep during Fido’s training yesterday. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again for tomorrow. Forgive yourself and move forward. Don’t use it as an excuse to give up on your resolutions. Remember the perks that lie ahead: cleaner homes, fewer behavioral issues, and more fun for you.


Contact Dog Gon Good Time

Being a pet parent is a full-time job that pays in snuggles. As adorable as pets are, it’s also important to remember to keep up with the hard work that keeps them safe, happy and healthy. Of equal importance is making time for yourself and your friends away from home.

Go ahead. Take that trip. We’re here to help! For more information about our dog walking and pet sitting services in Massachusetts, give us a call at 781.780.4985.