When it comes to romantic relationships, cat parents have one solid advantage over dog dads and moms. Cat people have a much better opportunity to separate their family home life from their romantic life. They never have to worry about rushing home to let Mister Whiskers out or worry that kitty might begin to feel anxious and eat through a few pairs of shoes and one side of the new sofa. This gives cat people the perfect opportunity to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a couple.

Dog people can do this too, but it does take a little more effort. Because of this, you may wonder, “Should I leave my dog at home for Valentine’s Day or take him with me?” Unless you have special needs that make your dog’s presence mandatory, leave your dog at home. Dogs are like kids, and kids don’t exactly add to the romantic ambience. Not convinced? Here are some more objective reasons to leave Fido at home on this and every other romantic occasion.

1. Save On Travel Costs

Did you book travel plans for Valentine’s Day? If you did, verify if your dog can come along. You’re about to learn how difficult it is to travel with canines. There are many hotels, RV rentals and campsites that allow you to bring your pets along with you. When it comes to the hotels and RVs, most of them charge a cleaning fee. If your dog has a tendency to destroy things, then that fee can climb dramatically to pay for damages.

To prevent these damages from happening in the first place, you might be forced to crate your dog while you’re away. Some hotels and campsites won’t allow you to leave your dog alone at all. And then, of course, there are those that simply do not allow pets. This restricts your options significantly. Leave Fido at home and you suddenly have way more options to choose from.

2. Enjoy More Freedom

As alluded to before, there are some options that immediately get wiped off the table when you decide to bring Fido along. In fact, there are many places that accept kitties, but no doggies. Why is this? Cats are generally quieter, cleaner and stay inside. They make better neighbors at campsites and hotels alike. The small size also makes transportation easier.

That brings us to the point of flying. If you decide to fly with your pet, you will probably have a much easier time taking your cat than your dog. The bigger the dog, the bigger the hassle. No pets on the flight? Even better. There does, however, tend to be exceptions for people with service animals. Based on certain trends in the news, be prepared to show proof of their service animal status to prevent delays.

3. Reduce Distractions

No matter how much parents love their kids, there are times when they need a break. This is as true when the kids have two legs, four or none at all. It is also especially true for step-parents. Put simply, you may love to have Fido’s company 24/7, but your significant other might need the occasional break so you can focus on just each other.

At first, you might think, but how does Fido get in the way of that? Some well-behaved dogs cause absolutely no worries at all. This is true. But, if you have the kind of dog who pulls on his leash, doesn’t come when called, likes to chase wild animals and tends to be gassy after a meal, it can kill the romance real fast.

4. Protect Your Home

An unfortunate fact of everyday life is that burglaries happen. Criminals know that many couples plan to take off for Valentine’s weekend and may choose then to strike. Leaving Fido at home may help to deter burglars from targeting your home. Few burglars want to tangle with a big dog. If your dog is smaller, he still offers some protection. How so?

Someone inevitably has to come by to feed your dog and let him out, no matter what size he is. The unpredictable schedule of someone going and coming, makes it harder to target your home. Having someone to take in the trash can and pick up your mail may also trick thieves into thinking you stayed home after all.

Call Dog Gon’ Good Time

At Dog Gon’ Good Time, we understand that sometimes pet parents need to leave the fur kids at home and have a private moment to themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, we encourage it. Fido will miss you, but think of how excited and happy you’ll both be to see each other when you get home!

While you’re away for the Valentine’s Day weekend, consider hiring pet sitters to ensure your dog’s needs are met. Dog Gon’ Good Time serves Saugus and the surrounding areas and is happy to pay him a visit — or several. Leaving a few cats at home instead? The sitters at DGGT can take care of them too. Contact us at 781-780-4985 for more information about our rates and services