How To Entertain Yourself and Your Pets During a COVID-19 Quarantine

In early March, we published an article on whether or not your pets can become infected with COVID-19. Just a few days ago, the World Health Organization reconfirmed this and dogs who were held in quarantine have been released. Since the publishing of that article, there have also been new developments in human COVID-19 cases across the world. To combat the continuing spread, communities are on either voluntary or mandatory lockdown.
Unfortunately, people are finding that being confined at home isn’t nearly as fun as they had anticipated when schools and workplaces decided to shut their doors. So, what can you do to stay entertained at home with Fido?
1. Catch Up On Movies
When was the last time you had the opportunity to binge-watch anything with your pets or the rest of your family? Spend some time catching up on those movies or TV shows that have been sitting in your watch-later pile for some time. Fido will feel content just curling up next to you on the couch. 
2. Read a Few Books
If you’re a booklover, it’s a good time to start making your way through that growing to-be-read pile. Visiting the local library is perhaps not the best way to score free books right now, but there are other options to consider. Some libraries also have free online programs, such as RB Digital, that allows you to access eBooks and Audiobooks online. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you also have access to free eBooks.
3. Play Video Games
Do you have an old Wii sitting in your attic or garage? It’s time to go find it and hook it up to the TV. Bowling, tennis, and baseball are just some of the many games you can use to work up a sweat. If you prefer to play from the couch, you will find no shortage of games to install on your PC, tablet, and smartphone.
4. Play Traditional Games
If you have a larger family at home, consider pulling out the non-electronic games. If they haven’t been used since before the COVID-19 outbreak, they should be fine to use as is. Still, whenever possible, disinfect the pieces. Encourage everyone to wash their hands before playing and then let the fun begin. If you have no games at home, order some. Here are 10 great options to choose from:
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Monopoly
  • Balderdash
  • Scrabble
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Charades
  • Taboo
  • UNO
5. Work Out at Home
If you have a health condition that requires regular cardiovascular exercise and your gym closes, you may have to make do at home. You can find plenty of YouTube workout videos. Planet Fitness members can even enjoy work-ins. If you don’t have workout equipment, don’t worry about it. Canned food make good small weights and most workout videos online focus on using your body weight for resistance.
6. Play Fetch
Cats are really good at exercising themselves, but your dogs will need some extra help. If you have a fenced yard, then it’s not a bad idea to go outside and play a few games of fetch. If you don’t, you could play fetch indoors. The key is to clear enough space in a room to do so safely. Throw an item made of soft material that will not break other items, just in case. That means no tennis balls or plastic frisbees.
7. Learn Something New
Ask yourself why you really find yourself missing work. Is it because you feel unproductive sitting at home? Then, why not learn something new? Here are a few things worth learning while in quarantine:
  • How to stay productive while working from home
  • How to thoroughly disinfect a home
  • How to make minor repairs
  • How to master a new recipe
Staying at home for a quarantine to starve the COVID-19 is not the worst thing in the world. Give the other humans plenty of space, practice good hygiene and keep Fido close. 
If you had scheduled pet sitting or dog walking services with Dog Gon’ Good Time and want to know how COVID-19 may or may not affect those plans, reach out to us at any time. Use our contact form or call us directly at 781-780-4985.



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