A Howl-i-day Gift Giving Guide

Hello DGGT friends! This week we are giving you a rundown of a gift-giving gift guide of 5 fun gift ideas to get your pup this holiday season in Massachusetts, that go beyond the cute new stuffed squeaky toy!  


Flirt pole

A flirt pole is like a doggy version of a wand toy for cats!  It is amazing for dogs who have a lot of prey drive because it allows them to actually chase something that is appropriate.  It is a great way to get their energy out and can even be used both outside or inside on a day where maybe you didn’t have time to get out or the weather was terrible.  It also can be used to work on impulse control training and distraction training. Most flirt poles have a way to attach a lure of your choice to the end so you can keep it fresh and entertaining for your pup!


Snuffle mat

This is a fun enrichment puzzle feeder for your pup that you can use with their regular meals or treats to give them some mental stimulation!  Dogs love to use their noses to search and forage for food so a snuffle mat is a fun way to encourage this natural behavior! You can order one, but it is super easy and inexpensive to make your own.  All you need is a sink mat and strips of fleece!  Click here for the DIY instructions:



This is another type of enrichment feeder that is good for spreadable treats like peanut butter or low-fat Greek yogurt.  We loved using the one with suction cups on the back to help our pup enjoy bath time!  Licking actually is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety and if your pup finds a Kong too challenging, this is definitely a good starter option!


Long line

A long line is a way to give your pup that feeling of off-leash freedom while still having the safety net of having them on a leash!  They come in all different lengths so depending on your preferences or environment you can choose the best one (our go-to is 30ft)!  We definitely recommend choosing a biothane material because they are waterproof and easily cleaned after being dragged around for miles.  Use this type of leash for decompression walks, also known as “sniffaris”, where your dog is able to move about freely and practice natural behaviors with very minimal human interruption. 


Doggy bubbles

Yes, they are exactly what they sound like! Just head outside and do something new and fun for your pup! 


We hope this gave you some new ideas of fun things to gift your dog and remember many dogs love tearing and shredding so wrap their gifts and supervise them as they open the presents! Let us know what you plan on getting for your pup this holiday!  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Howl-i-day!



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