Benefits of In-Home Dog Sitting

Springtime is in full force and Massachusetts residents are on the go! This time of year has several major travel holidays and holiday weekends: Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, just to name a few. This begs the question for most dog owners: what are we going to do about care for our pup when we go away and the hotel or Airbnb isn’t pet friendly?

As Massachusetts professional dog walkers and pet sitters, we get asked about in-home dog sitting and what it entails, quite frequently! In this week’s blog post, we discuss the benefits of in-home dog sitting (the dog stays at home): 


  1. Dogs, like their humans, prefer the comfort and security of their own home. Most fur parents believe that their fur baby will be happier in a sitters home or a facility (boarding), and for most dogs, this is not the case! Dogs take a while to adjust to new environments (a day or two, depending on the dog. Some dogs do not adjust at any point) people and other pets. Unless you’re heading out for a week or more, your dog is often times being taken out of their environment unnecessarily. Keeping them home, will also help with ensuring they aren’t too nervous or anxious to eat/drink while you’re away. 


  1. You lower the risk of your dog contracting parasites and diseases when keeping him/her in their own space. Dog boarding at a facility or a sitters home, can be stressful and suppress your dog’s immune system which makes it more vulnerable to infections, etc. Not to mention, the stress and anxiety of sharing his personal space with several other dogs. If your dog also enjoys eating poop or other unappetizing things, this can be a major cause of concern while hanging out with an abundance of other dogs. 


  1. Sanitation. Many boarding facilities are subpar and are lax about cleanliness and sanitation. From the biofilm lurking on the bottom of an improperly cleaned water bowl, to the excessively slobbered on shared toys – you never quite know what your dog’s stay will look like. Most boarding facilities aren’t using pet-safe cleaning protocols and frequently use bleach and other toxic chemicals as a disinfectant which can be hazardous for your dogs health. Pet friendly cleaners. 


  1. Untrained staff, understaffing and too many animals, can be disastrous and unsafe. 


  1. Not enough individual attention. Did you know most facilities charge extra fees for extra attention? In-home dog sitting is private and involves just your pet/s and their sitters undivided attention walks and ample supervised playtime! There’s no room for competition when it comes to your dogs’ exercise requirements and love!


  1. An overzealous and overtired dog can alter the mood and create additional stress. With the constant exposure in a new home or environment to new people, objects and dogs, it can easily lead to overstimulation. Most dogs “seem” OK when they are boarded but could actually be “flooded” or shut down, as a way to cope for a day or two. Overstimulation is often mistaken for hyperactivity and a high energy level and can cause the following:
  • compulsive behaviors (I.e. compulsively humping).
  • Barking at random noises or objects. 
  • Pacing.
  • Inability to fall into a deep sleep – REM. 
  • Alertness. 
  • Confrontation with other dogs.


  1. Security is important. When we leave, our homes can potentially become targets for burglaries. Although Massachusetts is a safe state and our property crime rate is low at 12 per 1000 people; we can never be too safe! Having a professional dog sitter frequenting your home throughout the day, acts as a deterrent. They can also notify clients immediately if anything seems amiss! 


Here at DGGT, our trained and family-oriented team always goes above and beyond for their fur clients when their fur parents are away! Have a question for us? No problem! Let’s set up your free virtual meet and greet today: 



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