Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your services?

At Dog Gon’ Good Time, we are a small team of walker’s and sitter’s. We were established in 2013 but have been taking care of pets privately for many years! Our team is insured, bonded, CPR/First aid certified, trained in dog behavior by a certified dog behaviorist and trained in the field, extensively for a minimum of 2 weeks. Our walker’s and sitter’s also undergo a rigorous background check and CORI. After training, we heavily monitor their activity and client engagement for an additional 2 weeks, to ensure they meet our standards. Our team is always GPS and time tracked.

What are your hours?

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday – 6 AM – 9 PM

Weekend care is available with advanced notice.

We are open for minor holidays. Major holidays are based on availability.

Do you only care for cats and dogs?

We care for all animals! including (not limited to):

Small animals





How long are visits?

We have two different visit options available:  If your pup is older or injured, we recommend a 15-minute potty break. For the more active dogs, we now offer “untimed” visits. “Untimed visits” have increasingly become a client favorite! Our promise is a minimum of 20 minutes per visit but can easily go up to 30-35 minutes per visit, if your dog enjoys walking or play time! The best part is, you won’t ever pay more for a longer time spent with your pup!

What is the process for hiring you?

Our process is streamlined and simple! Head over to the “setting up a service” page. Fill out the form and create your account under the “book online” section, and we will send you an email to coordinate a day and time to set up your initial meet and greet! The first meet and greet is always free of charge when contracting our services within two weeks of the initial consultation. If you choose not to move forward with our services, there will be an $18 charge automatically applied to your account.  Once your walker or sitter has met with you and your pup, you will receive a follow up email with instructions to set up your account on Time to Pet, along with a service agreement. It’s a cake walk! 

What is the payment process?

Services are billed at the end of your last scheduled day for the week (i.e. Friday). We ask for your account to be brought up to date, within 3 days of your last service to avoid late fees. We currently accept: cash, checks made payable to “Dog Gon’ Good Time, Venmo or credit cards.





The initial consultation, which consists of 20-30 minutes, can be booked with the owners’ of Dog Gon’ Good Time. The first consult is free if services are contracted during the initial consultation. Two copies of your house key will be required or we are happy to make a copy of your house key for a $10 fee. Due to insurance purposes, only veteran Walker’s are welcome to attend initial consultations. You will be assigned a Walker based on compatibility and their bios and information will be given to the Client at the time of meeting. If a second meeting with your designated Walker is required, there will be an $18 charge applied to your account.

Scheduling Policy

All dog walking services are required to be requested by 3 PM on Sunday through your Time To Pet Portal each week if you are on a rotating or part time schedule. Daily walks Monday – Friday are put on a weekly template and you will not need to request services unless there is a schedule change or cancellation. Regularly scheduled Clients’ have a guaranteed time slot each week. Rotating or drop in schedule requests will be on a first come, first serve basis. Our Walker’s show up for requested visits, unless otherwise notified. If our Walker is on schedule for a visit with your pet/s and they are not at home during the allotted time frame, they are asked to wait 10 minutes before leaving and you will be billed for the regular visit.

Please note: Each Client will pick a 2 hour time frame minimum upon booking service. We always strive to make it to your pets within the 2 hour window, but occasionally, mother nature, traffic and emergent situations do arise. When this happens, we do our best to communicate with you but we do ask for some flexibility and appreciate your understanding when things do pop up.

Cancellation Policy

Please, request any cancellations through your TTP portal by 9 PM the night before a scheduled service. If we do not receive the scheduled cancellation by 7 AM the day of, you are subject to the full service charge. We do ask for 2 weeks notice when cancelling 1 or more weeks of scheduled services. We will hold your slot for up to two weeks and then your time slot will no longer be guaranteed and based on availability.

Holiday/Evening and Weekend Care Policy:

We are available to care for your pets on major/minor holidays, evenings and weekends for an additional charge. All bookings requested on major holidays will require two weeks notice and is based on availability.

Regularly scheduled walks will be on schedule for these minor holidays – unless otherwise notified. ($5 charge will be applied to your invoice):

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – $5

2. President’s Day – $5

3. Columbus Day – $5

4. Veterans Day – $5

We observe major holidays and service requests will need to be booked 2 weeks in advance or we can’t guarantee availability. If we don’t receive a service request through the portal, your dog will be taken off our daily walk schedule for that day only.*

1. Christmas Day – $10

2. New Year’s Day – $10

3. Memorial Day – $10

4. Labor Day – $10 

5. Independence Day – $10

6. Thanksgiving Day – $10

Weekend visits will be charged at $5 per visit on Saturday/Sunday. Evening walks (5 PM or after) will be charged at $5 per visit.

Pet Sitting/Overnight Sitting Policy

In your home pet sitting and overnight stays are available and based on availability (limited availability for overnight stays). We advise all Clients’ to give us a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice for all bookings. A 50% deposit will be billed to your account in advance, which must be paid in order for services to be completed, and the remainder of your invoice is due within 3 days from last day of service. 48 hours notice of cancellation is required or we cannot refund your deposit.

Inclement Weather Policy

Our Walker’s walk in all weather and they are properly dressed for the occasion. When there is extreme weather conditions, our Walker’s reserve the right to shorten the walk if they notice any signs of distress in your dog and the remainder of the time will be spent indoors. Walker’s will always show up to care for your pets, unless otherwise stated or notified. If you’d like to cancel services in severe weather, the dog walking cancellation policy applies.

Walker/Sitter Policy

Dog Gon’ Good Time has a team system in place and at any given time. you may have a different walker/sitter.  All sitter’s/walker’s are background checked, CORI checked, referral checked and have undergone our training. Dog Gon’ Good Time reserves the right, with little or no notice, to assign a separate walker or sitter. We cannot guarantee the same sitter/walker for each client.

Our Philosophy

Dog Gon’ Good Time believes in the method of positive training. Treats and praise are always a must! We are a “Force Free” company and our walkers are not permitted to use prong collars, e-collars, choke collars, etc.